3 Low Cost Fragrance For This Season

by Siegfried
3 Low Cost Fragrance For This Season

Has it ever happened to you that you come to a family dinner and there is always an uncle or aunt who literally permeates the taste of food with their disgusting fragrance? And they usually sit next to you, where it’s impossible not to suffocate on that fragrance. At the end of the night, you end up with that smell sticking to your clothes. That is the perfect way to ruin any social event.

We are in November, a time when invitations to different Thanksgiving dinners or meetings with friends are not long in coming. And, at least for me, I love being able to always make a great impression in each meeting, whether with my skills as a mixologist or with my outfit in general, and yes, that includes how I smell.

Now, surely you must be thinking that you should spend hundreds of dollars on the ideal fragrance, but to be honest, that is far from the truth. What would you think if I told you that you can smell amazing for less than $50?.

We get fooled by the hype, and we think we have to buy those colognes that promote figures like David Beckham or Brad Pitt to be able to smell amazing, and we disparage low-cost fragrances that might have the same or even better acceptance. I’m here to show you 3 inexpensive fragrances perfect for this season!

Mio Malicia – by Alicia Machado

If you are looking for a fresh and long-lasting fragrance, this is the ideal perfume. It has shades of mint, rosemary and mandarin, which make its essence light but noticeable. Perfect for use in outdoor gatherings, or you can apply it a few hours before family dinner since when it settles, it will maintain a rich smell without being overwhelming.

It is a fragrance that has gradually been withdrawn from stores, but you can always buy it on Amazon for $48.

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Sensus In Black

A sophisticated and elegant fragrance, with woody tones and some marine and lavender notes that give it body but at the same time a lot of freshness. Normally it is the perfume that I use for formal meetings or dinners in elegant restaurants, since it smells so fresh that it lasts all evening, but it does not obscure the delicious smells of the different dishes or a good glass of wine.

You can get it on Ebay for just over $20.

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Conquer Wishes Colection

Without a doubt, my favorite, is perhaps the perfume for which I have received the most compliments in my entire life. A seductive fragrance, with shades of lavender and ambergris that make it a sweet, but subtle perfume.

Personally, it is the most underrated perfume, but I can assure you that you will want to wear it for a date. And being such a subtle fragrance, it is ideal for Thanksgiving dinners and to make a great impression without being suffocating guests.

Currently this perfume can only be purchased in Central America by the direct distributor, for a value close to $20.

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I have made very good impressions with these fragrances, and without spending a lot of money trying. I hope you can enjoy them just like I have, and that you get the same results. See you.

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