3 Simple Styles for the Cold Season

by Siegfried
3 Simple Styles for the Cold Season

I love the cold, and guess what, we enter the coldest days of the year (not so much in Latin America but I did have to use two blankets). And at least for me, they are the best days. This is due to the fact that it is the time of year where you can get your best outfits out of the closet, the best sweatshirts, the best jackets and those high neck shirts that you like so much.

So, since I have so much time, (seriously, a lot) without sharing one or another outfit, it seemed to me that it was time to give you some simple ideas for the cold season of the year.

Forever Black

Black and more black, it never fails, a very basic, simple but stylish style that will ironically make you stand out a lot. It is a very elegant color that always looks good on any occasion.

I love this outfit that combines a high neck t-shirt with a my Pull & Bear leather jacket, since with its metallic buckles they give an excellent contrast to the outfit. While it can be worn with completely black jeans, I liked this textured style which gives the look a more casual feel.


A few days ago I was going around the closet a lot, looking for entertaining combinations, but I really realized that sometimes, you have to go back to basics. You see, I have always liked to wear crazy, elegant, saturated or even very formal styles, but if for example you have an outing with friends and you want something casual, this outfit is like a glove.

It’s very simple, but I fell in love when I saw this light gray long-sleeved shirt, which at first impression I thought would be a very warm garment, but it really is made of a comfortable and cool material, which protects you from the cold and also prevents you from suffocating.

I decided to wear ripped black pants to give it a half rockstar style, since it goes more with the combinations that I usually do, and with black ankle boots that are perfect at this time.

Cold, but not so cold

I’ve been looking for a long time to incorporate some color into my style, I was never convinced by coffee to be honest, but when I tried on this Forever21 shirt, I honestly had a revelation.

I like the color, and its versatility even more. You see, I was looking for a more urban, less refined style that would help me get out of my comfort zone. And this shirt is all that and more, simple, comfortable, it is perfect for a cold day, but very fresh for hot days. And you can combine it with both black and light-colored jeans.

Guys, the end of this weird, stupid, half-riotous year is near, I hope you all have a great time with your loved ones, alone or with your close friends. Tomorrow I will be sharing a bit of my New Year’s resolutions, I hope you can see them and share yours, see you.

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