Black Friday, Are You Ready?

by Siegfried
black friday

Black Friday, for some strange reason, I always tend to make these types of articles late. But this year I wanted to get ahead of myself, and do things right, and well ahead of time to share with you my list of priority “tiers” that I created for that big day.

You see, Black Friday is a day that I like to take advantage of to buy specific items, so that my money is well used and that the purchases have been worth it. This year I have promised not to invest in stupid things and to have a certain order of priority with which I will spend my money.

So I made this “tier list”, with which I can take advantage of the best offers:

Level 1: Technology comes first:

One of the reasons why we are waiting for Black Friday is to take advantage of and buy the 50″ television that we wanted so much. And it is for this very reason that we must give top priority to all the technological part, since these are the ones that will have the greatest offers during this day. And no, the PlayStation 5 will not be discounted, sorry.

Level 2: Clothes will always have a discount:

The second thing you should think about is rearranging your wardrobe. Offers in sports or casual clothing stores, or even footwear, will not wait. You may get some great deals on outfits coming out of season.

If you buy online, you may get even bigger discounts. Try to check the websites of the stores and their social networks, as well as the profiles of different influencers and bloggers who will possibly share some promotional codes with you.

Level 3: Grooming Items:

Items such as perfumes, face creams, masks or moisturizers, usually have small discounts. It is important to take advantage of these offers since many times, these products tend to have a somewhat high price. I recommend you not look at extravagant brands, and take advantage of lesser-known brands and, if possible, local brands, which tend to have the same or better quality than the most positioned brands in the world. In addition, you will be helping the progress of your own country.

Level 4: Jewelry and accessories should not be missing:

It is rare to find discounts on quality jewelry, especially when it comes to world brands. But sometimes you can see small discounts (and I’m talking about small ones, no more than 20% or 30%). So if you are looking for a good Christmas gift for your partner or buy a beautiful watch, you should be attentive to the stores that may have offers that day.

Level 5: Household items enter the list:

Are you thinking of redecorating your room? Black Friday is the ideal day for it. The appliances and even the articles to decorate will have some discounts that we can take advantage of.

I recommend not focusing on first-hand large furniture such as armchairs or tables, as these may have more discounts throughout the year. So small items such as candles, curtains, cushions, and more should be the priority.

Level 6: Digital items, I do not recommend:

If you are a gamer, this will possibly be the first on your list. But let’s not forget one thing, after Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday follows. For this very reason, video games, digital books or any other item for digital use should be the last thing on your list.

This is usually one of the biggest mistakes people make. And they are desperately looking for offers on items such as video games or digital books, and forget that these will have greater discounts the following Monday.

This is my personal tier list. I hope it can serve as a guide for you to prioritize your shopping list, and not waste money stupidly.

Next week we will have double posts where I will share my wish list and some tips to get the best products on Cyber ​​Monday. See you.

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