Change The Game With Lumin Dark Circle Defense

by Siegfried

There are two things in my life that matter too much to me, my professional career and my personal care. And with summer in full swing, it’s important to look fresh and young, and of course, you do that with the right products. So today I want to tell you about one in particular, it is the Dark Circle Defense of Lumin Skin.

For a few months I have been looking for the best facial care products, because it is easy to be fooled by advertising and end up disappointed. But, thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I got to know the Lumin brand, and it was there that I discovered why it is one of the best facial care products.

You only need to visit their website and see the testimonials of different people who have used their products to realize their benefits. Sure, the media and influencers get paid to give a positive opinion of the product, but hey, no one would use your image to promote a product if it didn’t work. But in this blog I have a golden rule, which is to always use the product one month before talking about it, after all, they are not paying me for this. And this is what I can say about this product.

About the product

The Dark Circle Defense is perfect for removing dark circles as well as fine lines and reducing puffiness under the eyes. It also helps give a fresh look to our eyes.

It contains a rich mixture of vitamins such as vitamin B3, lemon extract and caffeine, which not only strengthens the skin, but also lightens dark areas and revitalizes that area of ​​our face, giving it a youthful, smooth and soft look. You can find it in the 30ml bottle for $29.

How to use

For a better and faster result, it should be used twice a day. In the morning after bathing during our facial routine, and at night after washing our face before bed.

My experience and recommendations

I have used it for about two months, and the result is quite encouraging. It has decreased my bags under the eyes and has given me a feeling of freshness. I recommend that when applying do it by patting the finger under the eyes and not smearing it, this will make the result much better. In addition, they should always put it first, before any other facial product.

The 30ml bottle seems small, but the amount that is applied is very little, so it can perfectly last more than 6 months. So it is a very profitable product. Its fragrance is very pleasant, quite citrus and I personally love it.

Lumin has hit the nail on the head with this line of products for men, I recommend using its full range, which I am sure will give you great results. Soon I will be sharing more of what they offer us and talking about my experiences. Greetings.



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