Cupid Has Left The Building

by Siegfried

Something dramatic right? I suppose that this headline would have caused some kind of controversy in the days of my grandparents, and would have received all kinds of boycotts by a group of elderly people who thought that having 12 children was the reflection of a healthy and lasting relationship. But nothing is further from the truth when I say that this headline is perfect for the 21st century.

But is it so true? Let’s be realistic. Since applications like Tinder began to emerge, sex became very easy to get and love very difficult to find. But, when did we stop seeing relationships as something lasting, and began to see it as something fleeting? Did Cupid really leave the love business?.

You know, I miss that time when, to win a girl, we had to do all kinds of courtship, letters, poetry, romantic candlelight dinners, and countless other things, just to gain her attention. And you’d think that as the years went by, all those courtships would only get more and more original and spectacular. But it was the opposite.

Welcome to the age of lack of innocence, fairy tales are not real, princes charming are cretins and nobody lives unforgettable romances. Instead, we have one-night stands and unwanted pregnancies.

With each passing year the effort becomes less and less, there are no more flowers unless you do something stupid for which you should apologize or simply for his birthday. Nobody makes romantic letters anymore, and let’s forget about poems, that is something that time has forgotten.

There are no more romances like Sam and Molly in Ghost, not even like Chandler and Monica in Friends. Love stories became part of a myth and today we only remember it in movies from the 60’s. The only thing that increased were our fears.

We have lost so much because of the fear of opening up to a serious relationship that we prefer only to have sex to avoid getting hurt. But every day we complain about being alone and not having someone to just hug us and tell us that everything will be fine. We are terrified of sharing our feelings with other people as we would not know how to handle rejection. And we prefer to keep our emotions, for fear of being judged.

We have lost so much that instead of learning from the past and seeking to improve, we prefer to send dick pics to the first girl who shows the slightest interest in us. Well, we failed so much in the world of relationships, that Cupid not only left the love business, but is currently undertaking Forex.

And if you thought it was difficult to have a serious relationship, now imagine how difficult it is when human-to-human contact has been reduced and they practically have to try with an intermediary webcam.


I guess it is part of the evolution itself, over the years we limit our feelings and enjoy more pleasure without compromise. I guess in this era, there is no longer room for a winged guy in diapers. The how is no longer important, but rather the when.

Maybe the only thing that evolved was our own selfishness, or maybe we’ve just been so disappointed in the past that we no longer feel like getting back on the horse. We want things fast, on a platter, and without having to sacrifice our time and energy on something that could fail.

I miss those years where the connections were real, pure and sincere. But, those times are far behind. We are in the era where relationships are express and disappointments seem to be eternal. What happened to us? Where did Cupid go?

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