My New Years Goals With Jack Daniel’s

by Siegfried
metas goals

No, Jack Daniel’s is not paying me to advertise for them, I’m just sitting in my living room, with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, listening to good jazz and writing my goals for 2021.

Once a person told me, “Drink a good whiskey every December 31st, let go of everything bad from that year, do it with style, because the way you end the year will be the way you start the next.” That is why this year I decided to end my 2020 with one of the best classic whiskeys, such as Jack Daniel’s.

metas goals

Now, you may think that they are not goals, but New Year’s resolutions. Nothing could be further from reality, you see, we all witness that when we set ourselves long-term goals, we simply fail to try them. We started January with a lot of attitude, we go to the gym, we train hard, and after a few weeks, we don’t come back. So it is with every resolution we have for next year.

So this time I am not going to make resolutions, and I will focus on achieving weekly and monthly goals that are much more achievable and that will be much easier to meet. I will stick to or rather, force myself to do daily tasks, or just tell myself “go to sleep at 10pm” without objecting or distracting myself.

There is nothing wrong with making resolutions, but science has shown us that they don’t work. We don’t keep them, and the main problem is that resolutions tend to be significant changes in our lives, and we talk about huge changes like stopping drinking or buying a house. And the reality is that we fail to try because something happens that ruins our plans or we just get tired of it.

But what if we set weekly or monthly goals? They would be much easier to achieve. Now, I am going to share my goals for this 2021, I hope it will inspire you.

Stay fit

And the main thing is, I really don’t see a life where I don’t spend my mornings in a gym. And for this new year my goal will be to stick 100% to the diets, to be much more efficient with my training routines and above all to look for much healthier options for my cheat days.


For the next week, I have thought about going back to my schedule days, those who know me know that I love to schedule everything, stick to a list of tasks and fulfill them. This has always helped me to optimize my days, and I always repeat it here on this blog, and that is when you organize your life with an agenda, everything goes perfectly.

Consistency on the blog

There are weeks where I don’t post anything on the blog, sometimes months, and that’s wrong. Lately the community here has grown a lot, we went from being 100 monthly readers to more than 5000, and I apologize for all the times that I have left the blog and social networks abandoned, for which, weekly I will be uploading different blog entries, obviously maintaining the essence of what it has always been, lifestyle, fashion and personal care, but I plan to incorporate new themes, especially in healthy eating and fitness life.

Join Twitch

Me on Twitch? Believe it or not, I am a consummate gamer, very addicted to video games and geek life, and although this will consume many hours of my days, I am planning to do it in collaboration with some friends to be able to create very good and interesting, and above all to be able to entertain people who see us. I am still analyzing the possibility of incorporating it to my blog.

Grow my design studio

This year I ruin a lot of business, and that includes me. And even though the situation may continue to be bad for 2021, my main goal will be to get new clients on a monthly basis and optimize my work. I have thought about doing photography and video work.

Work in my cocktail bar

I love making cocktails, and for this 2021, my main weekly goal will be to practice different cocktails and share them on the blog, and one of my main ingredients will be Jack Daniel’s, which is perfect for creating magic at the bar. I have been practicing a lot, and creating different classic drinks with this whiskey as its deep flavor is ideal for making quality drinks.

metas goals


Well, they are just some of my goals, I really have hundreds, but they are the main ones. By the way, in January, a surprise is coming, so expect promotional videos and things like that because it is something I plan to do big.

Friends, it has been a long and hard journey, a very chaotic 2020, full of pain and frustration, for which I want, first of all, to thank all the people who have followed my blog during this and the past years. I hope you continue to support me as you have, and I wish you a happy and amazing new year.

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