October It’s About 19Crimes

by Siegfried

Something that I look forward to every year, are the festive seasons, to be able to share with friends and family, and of course, why not, surprise everyone by arriving with a bottle of a good wine ideal for the occasion. It’s perfect, considering that most always choose to buy the cheapest and possibly the most horrible wine.

That is why I have chosen myself to be the one in charge of always buying the liquors, and this year I plan to arrive at the parties with a bottle of 19Crimes.

I must admit that this wine surprised me a lot, be it its Cabernet Sauvignon, its Shiraz or its Red Wine, this drink adapts to any occasion.

His identity dates back to the time of “exile” during the 18th and 19th centuries in England, which was an extreme measure to manage the overpopulation, since at that time, many of the criminals who were sentenced to hang, had a second option, exile to Australia. And if you think it was extreme, you should look closely at the cork on the bottle, as it brings the crime they committed to be exiled from England (and believe me, many of those crimes were stupid). But hey, why tell the story myself, when you can download the Living Wine Labels app on your mobile and see how the label on your bottle comes to life and tells you its story.

19Crimes is a wine that adapts to all types of palate, from the less cultured to the most refined. Its versatility, as well as its presentation, make it worthy of a space at your next Halloween party or at your Thanksgiving dinner.

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