Oh Dear Christmas…

by Siegfried

Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year, and with 2020 so stormy, it’s like reaching the home stretch for many. And being honest, we could say that this year the celebration will be very different.

You see, with everything that has happened globally, it is likely that we will not see the typical family gatherings with their Christmas dinner, or the end of the year parties, or it is even likely that all those who are outside their country of origin will not they can travel to see their loved ones. It is clear that this year has distanced us a lot from each other.

But despite everything that this year has thrown at us, I have always believed that Christmas is a magical and special celebration, a time to reflect, to see beyond everything bad and above all to put aside all the negative that happened. for our life during the year.

So I took the task of making a small list of things that we can or must do in order to feel the Christmas magic:

We must make the most of it

And I admit it, it has not been my best year, but I have forced myself to enjoy this season like never before. Beyond playing Christmas carols all month long or spending my days eating Christmas cake and drinking hot chocolate on my couch, I have encouraged myself to take advantage of all the activities that this month can give me, no matter how small.

Doing Hallmark movie marathons, practicing Christmas cocktails, baking cookies, or spending the whole month blogging, imagination really is the limit in getting the most out of these festivities.

Loneliness should not be an obstacle

And they are told by someone who has spent the last ten Christmases completely alone. You see, for me, spending days like Christmas or New Years without company is very normal, and although it may seem depressing to many, I have managed to create my “own traditions” throughout all this time, in such a way that I enjoy every minute of those dates.

Normally I prepare ahead of time, I choose which days I plan to do some interesting activity and I prepare everything I need. For example, I like to make personalized Christmas cards and send them to my closest friends on December 24th.

Have you been to a Christmas market?

Something that Christmas usually brings with it are the markets. I usually visit EVERYONE, seriously. I love going and being able to buy products that you don’t usually find in other times.

Unique gifts, select drinks, 100% Christmas dishes, and the best thing is that you will find them at very reasonable prices. And everything is handmade.

You must enjoy the decorations

Nowadays, there are very few people who decorate their homes in an exorbitant way, but I do not mean exactly that type of decoration.

Have you been to a park to enjoy the decoration? Have you been in shopping areas where everything is lights and the smell of cypress? Imagine going to dinner at a restaurant that has a beautiful and adorable Christmas atmosphere. That’s what I mean by enjoying decorations.

I usually enjoy some afternoons to go for a coffee or a glass of wine to places where the decoration abounds, to forget everything bad and feel the magic of the time.

Never forget to reflect

December closes a cycle, but begins another. Taking a few minutes to be able to analyze everything that you went through during the year, what was missing, what was done wrong and what could have gone better, is something that we must sit down to analyze at least once. And don’t forget to write down your goals for the following year.

The most beautiful time of the year has arrived, and the way we close this tragic year will only depend on us, so if you want a closing with a flourish, don’t forget to have the right attitude for this month. See you.

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Navidad Christmas
Navidad Christmas


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