• Something dramatic right? I suppose that this headline would have caused some kind of controversy in the days of my grandparents, and would have received all kinds of boycotts by a group of elderly people who thought that having 12 children was the reflection of a healthy and lasting relationship. But nothing is further from the truth when I say that this headline is perfect for the 21st century.

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  • I’m sitting here, in a cafeteria called Cabra Negra in the Dent neighborhood, on 37th Street, it’s about 7 p.m., I’m thinking of ordering another coffee, but I don’t know, it’s very hot, I guess I could opt for a drink more refreshing, after all we are in the middle of summer and it would fall perfect. And it is at this moment that I look up to call the waiter, I see her. Dark and long hair, Caucasian skin, green eyes, long white dress but that does not hide his incredible physique that he probably got with months of gym and a smile so damn perfect that it would be the visual orgasm of any dentist.

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