The Reality Of Blogging

by Siegfried
The Reality Of Blogging

I love being a blogger. I think it was back in 2016 when I decided to start with Not.Blogger blog. Many things have changed since then, the way I write, the way I take the photographs, even the issues that I have focused on. I remember that in the beginning I talked about all kinds of things, almost as if it were some kind of digital magazine, and I did not usually show my face (I was always afraid and many complexes), in fact I used a lot of stock photos.

But it wasn’t until a few years ago that everything changed. I started talking about the issues that I really liked and handled, I started to show my face and become the host and not a simple observer. I stopped looking at this as a blog, and turned it into a kind of life diary where I share the things that I am passionate about with people.

But well. Out of all that, there is something that I must make clear, and that is that the life of a blogger is something similar to what Milli Vanilli was, it seems like one thing, but it is not really like that. Let’s remember that there are editions, montages, photo shoots, all kinds of things that make any blog look glamorous, even if it’s not really that way. So let’s touch on several important points:

Can you be successful with a blog?

Yes and no. You see, blogging has slowly become an obsolete medium (which is ironic considering that it is a digital medium). And in order to be successful in this, it is important to create a type of image beyond a simple page where you talk and talk non-stop (remember this, people do not like to read).

That is why supporting you with social networks or channels on YouTube is very important. That will give you relevance, it will give you much more exposure and your blog will become a support tool where people really interested in you and your product will enter to learn more.


Not everything is what it seems:

You see, not everything you watch on the internet is 100% real. Being a blogger, youtuber or influencer does not mean that you will eat in the most luxurious restaurants in the city or that you will spend unforgettable nights in hotels without paying a penny. It may even be that the lifestyle you see of a person is not what it appears.

Do you think that every day I spend my time groomed, combed, with the best outfit and eating exotic dishes? No, I even often do multiple photoshoots in a day that allows me to cover social media for a week or two. And I’m hardly ever on my networks, I usually leave everything programmed and ignore them for days.

A well-built blog requires investment:

Don’t think that having a blog is looking for reviews on some personal care products. Do you want to sell your readers products that you have never used? My rule since I created this blog has always been to try every product that I recommend for at least a month.

And not to mention the design, if you want your blog to be successful you should invest in a good template, striking, elegant, multifunctional, that gives your readers a comfortable place. In addition, you must from time to time, you will have to invest in advertising.

It can be stressful:

Whether you use your blog as an extra tool, or you have a YouTube channel, or you want to start your career as an influencer, being daily, week after week, creating quality content, can become overwhelming if you don’t have a mind creative and exceptional management of your time.

How do I deal with it? Simple, as I said at the beginning, I usually use my blog as a life diary, I share with people things that I like, that amuse me or that entertain me. Even in my networks I like to photograph myself with different outfits or enjoying my day to day. In this way my blog has become part of my life.


Do I earn money?

The question that everyone asks, but unfortunately not. There are very few bloggers who can afford to live from this, most like me, we have a job. And those who have made a living from this are usually influencers with YouTube channels and many followers.

It will change your life:

If you take it seriously, it will change your whole life completely. At least in my case, it has helped me to be much more creative, to be much easier to write, and to experience a whole new world. I no longer look at things the way I used to. I am looking for new experiences, to share with people all that I consider incredible and that they can see through my eyes.

In addition, it has helped me a lot to be a more organized person, which is extremely useful in my professional life. At the same time I learned a lot more about photography, about website editing, as well as about marketing and other topics. All this in a certain way has been very useful for me, taking into account that I am a graphic designer.

Why I do it?

You must believe that doing something that is stressful takes time away, forces you to even have a set calendar and you must be aware of it every day. The reality is because I like it. I like to share my experiences with you and have the honor of being able to interact with other bloggers around the world. I like doing it because it’s fun for me, and the satisfaction of seeing people who like what you do and even write to you asking for advice or simply showing their support, is something that has no words. All this for me is more than enough to want to continue here.

In the next posts I will share some tips that can help you guide your blog if you already have one, and will also help those who want to start in this world. Do not miss it, see you.


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