Virtual Dating, The Future?

by Siegfried

More than an agoraphobic leap of happiness with this headline. And it is not really surprising if we consider that this could be the future of dating. Like online poker, telecommuting and the new Dark season, being able to share with one person can be done online.

As you always know, I never recommend anything without trying it before, and this has been no exception.

And you must be thinking “but does it work?”, Of course. I mean, why not? See, I tried several times and noticed various things. The first is that I save industrial amounts of money, I do not pay 10% of the restaurant tip or sales tax, and I know that many of us like to go and take our date to a beautiful and charming place, with Good music and great dishes, but let’s be real, none of that works if you don’t know how to handle the rest of the evening.

I also know that you girls (or boys) do not go on dates to eat for free, and I know that you are always willing to pay half the bill, but the reality is that you are a chump and try to be half chivalrous and always ends up paying the entire bill, at least that has been for me in the last 2 years. Also if we took the numbers, with what I have spent on dinners with pasta, rib eyes and bottles of Chardonnay, I would have already paid the hook for a Mustang GT.

But of course, if you are still not convinced with that, I am going to list some benefits and some tips to have a successful online appointment:


It’s cheap, seriously, you go to the supermarket, buy a low-cost bottle of wine (it really won’t make much difference which one you buy), get some steaks out of the freezer, and prepare your own food. Then, you do not have to travel, they do not risk getting wet with the large amount of rain that falls and for her to make up the makeup that possibly took more than an hour to do. There will be no awkward moments and your date will feel safe because it will get to know you a little before having a physical date with you (nowadays that gives you a lot of security).

Are you starting to get lost in the conversation? Guess, you have the internet, you can look for some tips and topics to talk while listening to your date tell you some anecdote. Did some sauce fall on your pants? She will never know.

Some Tips:

Cooking: I mean you have a great (huge) opportunity to show off your chef qualities. And I don’t mean that you will open a can of tuna and serve it on a plate. Don’t complicate yourself, with a good steak, and a bottle of wine is impossible for you to set your house on fire.

After Dinner: Ok, they already ate, ready to “watch netflix”. Ok no, don’t even think of stupidity like that. There are thousands of things they can do, from talking and getting to know each other, or why not, sharing some anecdotes of their worst dates, that always helps to break the ice and generates at least 30 min of conversation (don’t talk about your ex). Ask him about his aspirations, his future plans, share your dreams and goals, all this will create very funny and interesting topics of conversation.

Details: You’re at home, right, but you’re on a date. Why not lower the lights a little, light some candles, and put your laptop at the best possible angle? Trying a little bit won’t kill you. By the way, try to get your camera in a somewhat high position, and pointing down slightly, that angle will favor you a lot.

Plan: Are you fans of the same series? Plan the date that day and watch the chapter together and then discuss it. Do they both have consoles and the same games? So an after dinner game is perfect. Remember that you are on a date, behave as if you were in front of you.

Do not extend it: An appointment begins, but it also ends, try to take advantage of the time and not extend the appointment more than adequate, you have life and your appointment also, in addition, you will avoid uncomfortable silences when they no longer have more topics to talk about. Tell him that you have to take your dog out, or that you have to disconnect to finish a project that you are behind.

Online dating may be the future, and may even work better. I hope my advice will serve you, and good luck. See you.

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